A Note from Pastor Larry                                                 October 12, 2017


 Praise God for

 Love Rhode Island!


Dear Friends,

 Five years ago, I had the opportunity to speak at Stony Lane Baptist Church in North Kingstown, one of the earliest churches in America, founded 350 years ago by Rodger Williams, founder of the state of Rhode Island.

I also had the privilege of meeting with the pastors for the whole state of Rhode Island. They said it was the largest gathering of R.I. pastors they could remember and was a historic day for the Church there. I shared with these pastors and the churches the concept of Loving Their Communities to Christ through every believer praying and caring and sharing for others. It caught fire!

I have wondered how much fruit and effectiveness came from the seed God planted through me. God answered my prayers when I recently met with Dave Gadoury, one of those Rhode Island pastors. Dave is now full-time executive director for “Love Rhode Island,” meeting with 50 pastors and churches to help them develop and live a Pray Care Share lifestyle!

I was so excited to see that the seed planted five years ago has taken root and is producing good fruit!
Please listen to my conversation with Dave in the above video.

I encourage you . . .

     >Pray for the churches of Rhode Island (the most unchurched state in America)
          >Thank God with me that the focus I shared with them is bearing a good harvest!

For Christ’s sake,

Pastor Larry

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September 16, 2017

Have you been asking,

“What on earth is happening in universities in America?”

Good news — something very exciting IS happening on hundreds of campuses across America
to defend Christian faith and introduce students to Christ!

Recently I met with Michael Bossman, a former member of Calvary Community. He shared with me that his call to ministry goes back to his days with us at Calvary. He is now a vice president with RATIO CHRISTI ministry.

The focus of Ratio Christi is “defending truth and Christianity at the university.” They use
apologetics to validate a Christian worldview and faith in Christ. Check out the RATIO CHRISTI
website and Michael’s bio here.

Watch this video of time I had with Michael and what God is doing now at Purdue University through a student-led church that meets on campus!

Join me in praising God for Michael and this ministry, and let’s . . .
PRAY for the efforts of Ratio Christi to
CARE for college-age students and
SHARE Christ with them!

Also, let’s pray …

That our own kids at universities — and other students who have no faith —
will see that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life!!

For Christ’s sake,
Pastor Larry

August 31, 2017 – A Note From Pastor Larry

God is still using me —

The legacy of Pray Care Share keeps growing!!

I recently was asked by a recording team from Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) to share several personal stories about my life of praying, caring and sharing with neighbors and others God puts in my path. What a privilege!

This sharing from my life experiences will become several brief stories to be aired on the radio program “Making Your Life Count,” with Steve Douglass, president of Cru — heard on 1200 radio stations in the U.S. and in 100 countries around the world ! I will try to let you know when and where they will be aired. I encourage you to look at their website here and see how Pray-Care-Share is highlighted in their ministry!

I thank the Lord every day that I can still be a part of inspiring you and other believers. Keep looking for daily opportunities to pray and care for and share Christ with people . . . in time, many may become followers of Christ!

For Christ’s sake,

Pastor Larry

April 28, 2017

God gave me this bigger-than-life Vision

fifteen years ago . . .

When I left Calvary and founded Cornerstone, this vision was:

Every follower of Christ…

PRAYING for people to know Christ…

CARING by showing the love of Christ and

SHARING our faith in Christ.

*This strategy was happening at Calvary then . . . remember your bookmark?

     **Then God privileged me to work as national facilitator for pastors for Mission America (which established this same Vision) with 26 cities across the nation.

          . . . Next He opened the door to Global Media Outreach where literally thousands of people are meeting Christ globally on the Internet every day! Prayer-Care-Share became part of their follow up.

               . . . NOW, to my amazement, I opened a letter from the Jesus Film Project and jumped with joy as I read the following 2016 annual report! (You may know that the Jesus film has now been translated and heard in more languages than any film in history!)

God is now using the Prayer-Share-Care Vision God gave me … globally!

As I think you know, I just hit the 80 mark !! … and I’m asking … WHAT NEXT, LORD?! annual report

Can’t wait to see!

For Christ’s Sake,

Larry DeWitt