A Note from Pastor Larry                                                           


. . .to this wonderful Christmas season in light of

the horrific events we experienced this month??


Dear Friend,

On Sunday, November 4, Beccy and I attended Godspeak Church. Pastor Rob McCoy asked me to close the service.


I prayed this prayer, without knowing it was prophetic:

None of us knows what will happen next week,

but ask God to help you be a light

to others around you in the darkness."


Three nights later, we had trouble sleeping and didn't know why. I got up at 5 a.m., turned on the TV, and saw Pastor Rob, our mayor-elect, speaking to the nation about how to respond to the unimaginable Borderline massacre. 

Then, within hours, our town had become the epicenter of an inferno. Fires literally surrounded us, destroying so many homes and disrupting so many lives. At 2 a.m., I saw the Vons parking lot filled with evacuated people sleeping in their cars because there was no way out of our community!

People keep asking, "What on earth is happening?" and "How can this be happening?"

God has focused my mind on Romans 8:28:

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him."


This does not say ...

          -God causes all things.

It does not say ...

          -all things are good.

This massacre was not caused by God but by horrible evil.

This Scripture clearly says that God will bring some good out of it in spite of the evil!

-----Are you seeing the good?!

I have seen it in many ways . . . 

*Calvary Community hosted the memorial service for Sheriff Ron Helus, who gave his life to confront the killer and stop the massacre.

I witnessed 6,000 people come to the memorial service -- 3,000 were police officers literally from as far away as New York. California's Governor Brown and our governor-elect Newsom came.

They all heard the wonderful story of a man who had met Christ as a youth. His whole life had a new purpose and was the reason for giving his life as he did in service of others.

I shook the hands, looked them in the eye, and said a heartfelt "Thank you for your service" to 200+ police officers as they left.

**We attended a memorial for Noel, another victim. I had dedicated Noel to the Lord as a baby, for a life of service to Christ. Her memorial was attended by over 1,000 young adults. We heard about her amazing story of service to others and her hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was literally a time of praise to the Lord, led by the young adult praise team.

***I have spoken and wept personally with four of the families whose kids were murdered at Borderline that night.

****I helped host an event at the Hyatt to honor the heroes--first responders, hospital emergency teams, counselors and pastors, and young people who risked their lives to rescue friends.

        One father of one victim asked to speak and said ... "Thanks for praying for us, but I want to ask you to pray

         for the mother of the man who killed my son. She lost her son and is brokenhearted, too."

*****I spoke with a friend who lost his ranch in the hills of Malibu. Everything burned except the wooden cross at the entrance to his property -- his reminder of what's most important.

******I heard another man, who looked at the ashes of his home, say, "My home is lost ... but I didn't lose a son or daughter. I'll be fine."

The pain of the lost lives continues to be unimaginable, but our greatest tribute is to be better this Christmas.


Our best Christmas gift list:

+ To be more thankful for people in our lives and tell them so.

+ To be more grateful for the gift of life and hope in Christ and praise Him

+ To think more about what's important and be less consumed by things that really won't matter when all is said and done.

++ Ask God to help you be a better (not bitter) person through your trials and disappointments.

            God's best to you this Christ season!!

                    Don't settle for less!

In our incredible Christ,
Pastor Larry

"FAITH IS . . . being sure of what we hope for,

Being certain of what we can't see physically"

Hebrews 11:1 


Dear Friend,

Friday night, Beccy and I came home shouting, crying tears of joy and praising God. I was way too excited to sleep, so I wrote this out to share with you!

Sixty-three years ago . . . I met Christ . . . and I met Beccy at Wheaton Academy (a Christian high school in Illinois)! That set the focus for the rest of our lives.


Beccy believed that someday we would help birth a Christian high school.


Twenty years ago, Calvary Community was meeting in a crowded warehouse building. As we drove by a large, empty building (a relic of the Cold War) that we could see alongside the 101 freeway, I would pray: "God, please give us that property as a home for Calvary Community." And Beccy would pray, "Please let the other half of the property be a Christian high school!" That was our prayer for four years.

We could SEE it (with the eyes of faith and a certainty that it would happen!) -- even though we could not see it physically. "FAITH IS . . . being sure of what we hope for. Being sure of what we can't see physically." Hebrews 11:1

It happened! That property became the home of Calvary Community Church and Oaks Christian Schools!


FRIDAY NIGHT ... We attended an Oaks Christian High School football game. The game started with a prayer of thanks to the Lord before kickoff. It was an amazing game! And a powerful team! (6-0 this season). Three Oaks team members have been selected to play in the national All-American Bowl next January in Orlando (the "Super Bowl" of high school football).


After the game, we went to the Calvary Community Youth Center, where we saw 1200+ youth -- from many high schools in the area -- converge on Calvary's campus after their football games. imagine ... the epicenter -- the place to be -- after football games . . . is at a church! Hanging out, eating, playing games, dancing, laughing -- in a safe and sober environment!!


A daughter asked her father if she could go to a party after the football game. He asked, "Where?" She answered, 'At a church with lots of kids from all over the valley."

He replied, "I guess it must be okay if it is at a church."

Can YOU imagine tons of teens being influenced for good and for God through these fun Friday-night events?!!


When God gives you a vision of what He would like to do . . .

     Keep Christ 1st in your life.

          Keep praying, keep believing, keep seeing!


My Cornerstone Network Vision

to network together with others,

to have a profound impact on the Church, the Culture, and our World.

>>It's happening, here and now !!

For Christ’s sake,

Pastor Larry

 P.S. Just want to let you know that this Sunday, October 7, at 10:00 a.m., I'll be speaking at CONEJO CHURCH in Newbury Park, where my son, Kirk DeWitt, serves as pastor. Beccy and I would love to see you and say hello, if you are able to attend!

A Note from Pastor Larry                                                           

 July 28, 2018


Pastor's Impact Felt

Years After Leaving the Pulpit 


Dear Short Salutation,


Beccy and I did an interview with the local ACORN newspaper, reflecting back on the amazing journey and growth of Calvary Community.

Great joy for us to review the miracles and to praise the Lord that we could take this journey with Christ in building His Church!


For Christ’s Sake,
Pastor Larry


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A Note from Pastor Larry                                                       April 20, 2018 


Humbled and grateful . . .




Dear Friends,

This last weekend, Pastor Shawn invited me to participate in the services at Calvary Community and speak about faith of past generations and the amazing Calvary story. I had no idea what would happen next . . .

Check out the video below.

We are humbled and so grateful that God allowed us the privilege of helping so many people at Calvary find forgiveness, hope, and new life in Christ.

In Christ's incredible name,

Larry and Beccy


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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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March 17, 2018 




Dear Friend,


Beccy and I shared a wonderful experience recently with our friends, John and Julie Dawson, international president for Youth With a Mission (YWAM). We stood together at the University of the Nations training center in Kona, Hawaii, and witnessed students from 70 nations as they sang praise and allegiance to Jesus Christ! Scroll down for a glimpse!

I remembered Jesus words, shortly before His crucifixion and resurrection, about His future return to the earth …

         "This good news will be preached to all the nations of the world; then the end will come." Matt 24:14

We were overwhelmed by the fact that (for the first time in human history), through YWAM and other ministries, this is happening now!! Praise God -- there are now 18,000 YWAMers in 180 nations, showing and sharing Christ’s love!

This could be the day that Jesus Christ returns!!! Live ready!

For Christ’s Sake,

Pastor Larry


A Note from Pastor Larry                                                           February 27, 2018




Dear Friends,


As you know, this great spiritual giant, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, graduated to heaven last week. I'd like to share some very personal memories of Billy Graham . . .

When I was a student at Wheaton College, Billy Graham came to speak. I sat behind him, and he autographed my Bible. I did not know that the musician sitting next to and traveling with Billy would later become my father-in-law, Beccy’s dad, Strat Shufelt (J. Stratton Shufelt).

When I was in seminary and engaged to Beccy, the Graham team held a crusade in Chicago. I was with the first grad students invited to be with his team and be mentored re: evangelism. I sat across the table from Billy Graham at his team breakfast, and I will never forget what he said . . . ”Pray for me that I won’t do anything to get in the way of what God is doing in Chicago.” (My greatest lesson on humility!)

Billy also said, “Go and experience the Holy Land before you become a pastor . . . it will change the way you teach God’s Word.” Beccy and I did that! We lived and studied in Israel before our first pastorate.

I’m imagining now the joyous welcome that Billy Graham is receiving from the millions of people to whom he showed the way to Christ! There's rejoicing in heaven!

Pastor Larry



By 2020, individual followers of Christ,

praying for every home in America?


Dear Friend,

Many Christian and ministry leaders have come together to claim that vision.

At a conference of national Christian leaders, I met with a friend, Chris Cooper, who has a strategic role in this great mission. Chris has developed Mapping Center, which has identified and mapped 120 million households in America in a way that individual churches and Christians can agree to pray for them.

  • See my brief video conversation below with Chris, who said to me, “You became my inspiration and mentor!”
  • And see the second video below, made by the Kendrick Brothers, who have produced several Christian films; i.e., Facing Giants, Fireproof, and War Room.

(Don’t be alarmed when video starts — it’s “Miss Clara,” the prayer warrior in the movie War Room

Take a moment to check out the Mapping Center website.

Be encouraged! Pray for each family in your neighborhood — by name, if you know it.

For Christ’s Sake,
Pastor Larry

February 8, 2018

Are you living a Pray-Care-Share life?



Dear Friend,


I recently was asked by a recording team for Campus Crusade for Christ International (Cru, as it is known in the United States) to share several personal stories about my life of praying, caring, and sharing for neighbors and others whom God puts in my path. What a privilege.

This sharing from my life experiences will become stories to be shared by Steve Douglass, president of Campus Crusade, on "Making Your Life Count"--heard on almost 1,000 radio stations globally!

Take a look at the Cru website to see what they're doing for the world. Notice their focus of Walk-Pray-Care-Share--sound familiar?

I thank the Lord every day that I can still be a part of inspiring you and other believers to:

          Keep looking ... for daily opportunities to Pray for, Care for, and Share Christ with people!

In time, many may become followers of Christ.

For Christ's sake,

Pastor Larry

A Note from Pastor Larry                                                 December 31, 2017

 A Greeting for the New Year!

Dear Friend,

Hope you and your family

had a good Christ season.

The Lord led me today

to pray for YOU . . .

that in this New Year

you will be empowered

to live Christ’s new command:

“Love one another,

as I have loved you . . .

This is how people will know

that you’re my follower.”

John 13:34

In the name of our incredible Christ,

Pastor Larry and Beccy

A Note from Pastor Larry                                                 October 12, 2017

 Praise God for

 Love Rhode Island!

Dear Friends,

 Five years ago, I had the opportunity to speak at Stony Lane Baptist Church in North Kingstown, one of the earliest churches in America, founded 350 years ago by Rodger Williams, founder of the state of Rhode Island.

I also had the privilege of meeting with the pastors for the whole state of Rhode Island. They said it was the largest gathering of R.I. pastors they could remember and was a historic day for the Church there. I shared with these pastors and the churches the concept of Loving Their Communities to Christ through every believer praying and caring and sharing for others. It caught fire!

I have wondered how much fruit and effectiveness came from the seed God planted through me. God answered my prayers when I recently met with Dave Gadoury, one of those Rhode Island pastors. Dave is now full-time executive director for “Love Rhode Island,” meeting with 50 pastors and churches to help them develop and live a Pray Care Share lifestyle!

I was so excited to see that the seed planted five years ago has taken root and is producing good fruit!
Please listen to my conversation with Dave in the above video.

I encourage you . . .

     >Pray for the churches of Rhode Island (the most unchurched state in America)
          >Thank God with me that the focus I shared with them is bearing a good harvest!

For Christ’s sake,

Pastor Larry

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September 16, 2017

Have you been asking,

“What on earth is happening in universities in America?”

Good news — something very exciting IS happening on hundreds of campuses across America
to defend Christian faith and introduce students to Christ!

Recently I met with Michael Bossman, a former member of Calvary Community. He shared with me that his call to ministry goes back to his days with us at Calvary. He is now a vice president with RATIO CHRISTI ministry.

The focus of Ratio Christi is “defending truth and Christianity at the university.” They use
apologetics to validate a Christian worldview and faith in Christ. Check out the RATIO CHRISTI
website and Michael’s bio here.