Our Mission
Our mission
     . . . to help followers of Christ to network together to have a profound impact
                        ~ on the Church, the culture, and the world for Christ
The Church
. . . mentoring pastors/leaders to come together to love their communities to Christ by praying for them, caring for their needs, and sharing Christ with them.
The Culture
. . . inspiring networks of people in education, media, entertainment, business, and government to live a pray-care-share lifestyle and encourage God-given values in these spheres of influence.
The World
. . . networking with ministry leaders globally to teach followers of Christ to pray for people by name, care for their  needs in the name of Christ, and share their faith in Christ.

Our ministry focus
Cornerstone Network is based on the premise that the ultimate network is connecting people to Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone of life, and to God’s purpose for their lives. Cornerstone is about connecting people with God and connecting people with people, based on similar dreams and passions, to have a significant impact on our world for Christ!

Our primary focus
In cooperation with Mission America, our primary focus is the Church in America: reaching into selected cities to help believers Love Their Communities to Christ by praying for people to know Christ, caring about people in Christ’s name, and sharing Christ when it’s appropriate. It’s drawing pastors together, revitalizing churches, and giving a focus to believers about Christ’s mission for their lives. The result is transformed people and communities.