Recently I was in Houston, Texas, for a national Mission America gathering on Loving our Communities to Christ. I was invited to attend a private meeting with local church leaders who are launching Pray Houston . . . a prayer focus and vision to see over 1 million people find life and hope in Jesus Christ in the next decade. I have worked with 26 cities across America and did not expect to be praying with leaders in Houston about their city.

I sat next to one of America’s great pastoral leaders, John Bisagno, who led Houston First Baptist to over 22,000 members and baptized over 15,000 followers of Christ. He still has a burning passion to see people come to Christ, and it was my privilege to pray for John and his wife for restored health and a fruitful future.

This was a historic God moment that rubbed off on me personally and helped to rekindle my passion and focus for my future ministry in Christ! I wanted to share this personal experience with you . . . hoping it rubs off on you, too!

In our incredible Christ,
Pastor Larry