Cornerstone has developed various resources to assist in teaching the lifestyle of Pray-Care-Share. You may choose from our Resources, which include specific instructions or lessons on how to launch Pray-Care-Share in your church. There are also Stories available on DVD, showing how different churches have implemented the Pray-Care-Share strategy in their community.


I encourage you to use the information provided as either the basis of teaching . . . or the resources can be a starting point which you may tailor and tune for your teaching style and your church’s temperament. Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Cornerstone Network!

NEW RESOURCE . . . My book!!

I want to let you know that I’ve written my first book, entitled

God’s Amazing Normal

Here’s a video clip describing the book.
The book is available online now .. click on one of these sources:


Barnes & Noble


                    ~ ~ ~

                  I encourage you to read this book and make it a template for your lifestyle …
helping others to meet Christ.
I would be pleased to hear your response to the book!